Early involvement during the design phase allows Martin Case Construction to guide the development of project goals as well as mitigate scope, budget, and schedule while ensuring the delivery of a quality finished product. This involvement translates into a more streamlined start-up and predictable build, saving valuable time and money. Our consulting services include value engineering, continual estimating, constructability reviews, logistics, phasing, alternate material suggestions, and cost analysis and control. Coordinating between client’s wish-lists and the project teams design to culture a more budget efficient and schedule conscious build.


Specializing in custom commercial buildings, our dedicated team has the experience and capacity to handle even the most unique building elements such as marinas, oversized warehouse or vehicle service areas, large skylights, walls of glass, complex water features, expansive parking garages, and massive cantilevers. Our transparent process sets us apart and allows our clients to get real-time updates on their project. Knowing what to expect during the build process is an important step, and with our expert guidance our clients can be assured their vision will come to life seamlessly.


Martin Case Construction is committed to superior client service, and delivery of the highest quality finished product in a cost-conscious manner.  We seek to create collaborative client relationships with a singular focus on successful delivery. Our core values are centered upon craftsmanship and quality. Whether a fast-track renovation, extensive remodel, or large scale addition, each client is dedicated to the same level of unparalleled service and expertise before, during, and after the life of the project.